Will Truth Redeem Its Soul Someday

Is heritage, only history, and history, only heritage
A total, of, time-honored myths
Milestones of, mankind’s, pilgrimage
Truer than man, seem, man’s megaliths!

No more, than a pawn, of political games
A faith, that believes, in its, newfound fear
A doormat to, wipe out, our ethnic shames
Truth is, our piety’s, cross we bear!

Since truth, became, lie’s satire
It sells, as myths, in manifestos
What outlasts, this baptism, by fire
Is its, enigma, in sin’s shadows!

Between relative, and, summative view
Have we, consigned, this castaway!
It has, to be, an absolute, too
Will Truth Redeem, Its Soul, Someday!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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