When Petals Pierce Deeper Than Thorns

Why the zephyr, strays, drunk in, sweet sin
Thru the streets, of pain, hope’s boulevard
Love’s fire, flirts with, desire’s yearning skin
Lust outlives life, beyond the, very last yard!

The unspent bliss, of, lovelorn swans
Who swear, by the bane, of monogamy
O’er shards, of, hymeneal liaisons
Love lusts, for, seminal blasphemy!

Forsaken tree’s, forbidden, fruit
Is all, that lasts, in the throes, of time
Original sin’s, endless, pursuit
Lust in, new façades, of love’s paradigm!

Let passion, spill, from bleeding hearts
The spirit, of love, that sin, adorns
Mozarts win, o’er, Bonapartes
When Petals, Pierce, Deeper Than Thorns!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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