No Coffins To Shroud Coronal Deaths

They come, in dozens, all day long
The relics, of, Chinese malice
Life’s new lullaby, is a, funeral song
Since Death, became a, Big Business!

They chisel, wood, to fit cadavers
Of those, who lost, to Chinese bane
Undertakers, bless, coffin-makers
“Never had, death brought, more joy, than pain!”

There’s enough, wasteland, and wood, too
For the, Seven Billion, graves and coffins
Since China bought, conscience, of W.H.O.
Let’s brace, to face, holocaust, of their sins!

Whilst Jinping, jeers at, world-despair
A hope, survives on, borrowed breaths
The cross, of our woes, we are, left to bear
With No Coffins, To Shroud, Coronal Deaths!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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