In Remembrance Of That Nightingale

Who lays out, funeral, of the spring
In the farm, of faith’s, forget-me-nots
The one, who echoes, but can’t sing
Except, in a forlorn, lover’s thoughts!

She was, the bliss, of my, fall’s requiem
Sublime sin, of, springtide’s rhapsody
She left, with me, her pregnant dream
A mermaid’s pearl, sinking, in my sea!

To fall in love, with a, frenzied bird
Beyond platonic, pretext’s, precincts
Was my, passion’s truth, their myth, absurd
Who cage, love in, ethnic instincts!

The thorn, that bled, my lover’s heart
Was still benign, than this, yen, fatale
Dies, playing, last, symphony, Mozart
In Remembrance, Of That, Nightingale!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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