The Communist Tomb Of A Capitalist Dream

“Don’t you dare, outgrow, your shadow’s creed”
Is the diktat, of, Socialist Syndicate
You ain’t, comrade, until you, bleed
Your heart, and soul, for this state, run by hate!

Submit, your self, your endeavor
To socialistic, democracy’s, doctrine
Commerce ain’t, bad, nor Dollar$, either
Lest it incur, red brotherhood’s, chagrin!

Your billions, mean, no worth, to Xi
If they cost him, his, Communist Prejudice
And the pride, of the, throne of CCP
To bare, state’s stains, is a, mutinous malice!

“You’re nothing, but a cloud”, Xi told, Jack Ma
Wherein lurks, the, Communist enigma!

Who banished, Ma, to ignominy
His self-faith, or fear, of his regime
Will spur, sweeping change, his mutiny
The Communist Tomb, Of A, Capitalist Dream!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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