Those Seminal Stains Of A War

War is, a labor of, men’s gore
As lust, is a passion, of semen
They were, no bulls, to dare the matador
But cows, Japs called, “Comfort Women”!

Nazis envied, Japs’, love-ghettos
Where sex, was served, on subdued souls
Public toilets, were, those war-widows
Who paid, in sin, womanhood’s tolls!

Who made, these women, prostitutes
Those sons, who left, their mothers behind
Manhood, is a prejudice, that persecutes
Blind faith, inbred fear, of womankind!

Men wage, their wars, win or, lose them
Mothers, mourn, martyrdom’s metaphor
White sin, squelches in, red mayhem
Those Seminal Stains, Of, A War!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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