The Checklist Of A Terrorist

Last ablutions, before, blessed bloodbath
When a battle-cry, sounds like, last azan
Why faith, should bear, fear’s aftermath!
Last litany, before, the holy war
Last look, at his scripture, once again
To recheck, “Is Fear, Faith’s metaphor!”
Before he plays, godly games, of gore!

He knows not, what is, bigotry
Only sacrifice, for his, faith and ummah
A ‘martyr’ flaunts, mantle of, victory
Whom chose Ulema, to fulfill, faith’s fatwa!

Is it hard, to fill, that heart, with hate
Whose soul, smolders, in faith’s fire
When he’s almost, at the, heaven’s gate
With, seventy two virgins’, desire!

With “Allahu Akbar…”, he starts, his jihad
Which ends, in infidels’, hope’s heist
Shredded martyrs’ mantle, and his, faith’s, façade
And shroud, of shame, of that, fear’s alchemist
Complete the rites, of, hate’s charade
In The Checklist, Of, A Terrorist!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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