A Pilgrimage Thru A Tide Of Tears

“I lost my baby, where’s my baby?”
Screams out, a mother’s, faith, and fears
A pilgrim’s, broken, rosary
Bleeds out, a sea, of soulful prayers!

Who wants, the litters, of equator
Who failed, to build, their destiny
From the, rubble of, colonial slur
Still vagabonds, of, ignominy!

Is Europe, the, last panacea
To their, enigma of, existence
But for, nirvana, from Africa
There’s a sea, to cross, of indifference!

Who cradled, once the, human race
Now a, mourning mother, she appears
Whose betrayed children, left, to chase
A Pilgrimage, Thru A, Tide Of Tears!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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