Since A Fear Ended French Laissez-Faire

Hitherto, whose trance, had, beholden France
To forbear fear, for the sake, of faith
Who talked, it down, as happenstance
Now deprecate, that, satanic wraith!

Since Macron, said it, not a, non-white man
Dare jihadis, serve him, fear’s fatwa
Who call bloodbath, Allah’s, “Pious Plan”
Thanks to, French, liberal inertia!

From fear’s, nightmare, to faith’s, renaissance
A pilgrim, bleeds on, beyond an age
Since sin became, an alien, faith’s substance
France ends romance, with its, dread’s outrage!

Can France find, its humane, dimension
Fanatics commandeer, with a fear, doctrinaire!
May the world, too devise, its redemption
Since A Fear, Ended, French Laissez-Faire!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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