When A Man Becomes A Phenomenon

Had the, captive of, Newton’s paradigm
Been lost in, Force, Mass, manifestation
Gravity’s beauty, hidden in, space-time
Would not, have found, human expression!

Who clinched universe, in his, mystic fist
And not, mortal dogmas, of world’s past
Never crossed path, time, with an alchemist
Whose legacy was, destined to, ever last!

Truth is, a, relative perception
Light has, a, dual dimension
From Big Bang, to its, endless expansion
Universe is, his, profound equation!

Between quantum, and the, infinitum
Universe is, poised by, his fulcrum
Time can’t trounce, him to, oblivion
When A Man, Becomes, A Phenomenon!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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