The War Of Faith And Existence

Indeed, it is, a “Black Garden”
Nurtured by, faith of, Armenians
And Azeri, ethnic fear, driven
By Erdogan’s, shenanigans!

Unite us, thee, with our brethren
Armenians plead, from, Azeri prison
“More gore, will spill” dares Erdogan
“How in, Muslim state, be a, land Christian!”

Putin fails peace, in his, own backyard
Erdogan, resurrects, lost Ottoman pride
A mother bereaves, with a soul, so scarred
On seeing, Jesus, crucified!

An ethos, bleeds, without respite
Tangled, in the barbs of, spent vengeance
May peace, reign now, not this, fest of spite
The War, Of Faith, And Existence!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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