Enigma Of A Jihadi Bride

“Behead kafirs, for, Islam’s sake!”
She shrieks, in her, lingering delusion
In the, lost Caliphate, of, Jihadi make
Faith was, fear’s, fanatic contradiction!

Once a half-woman, who rhapsodized, a virtuous war
Turned, less-than-human, for a, jaundiced Jihad
Now strays alone, hate-riddled heart, bereaved womb, with grief, galore
O’er rubble, of her, faith’s façade!

“Ain’t I, Briton, give my, homeland back!”
Contends, a Jihadi, to join, her clan
Why dares, democracy, diehard, maniac
Whose world, ain’t beyond, decrees of Quran!

Between two worlds, with an, estranged fear
Is, pious prejudice, this, pilgrim’s pride
Faith’s fancied fear, just left, to bear
Enigma of, a, Jihadi Bride!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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