The Fertile Wasteland Of My Heart

Where bloom, the buds of, love’s aplomb
By the, blessed boulevard, of faith, and fear
Is a shrine, of sin; love’s, forlorn tomb
In the throes, of fall, spring’s, sweet despair!

Love, Lost Labors, in vain conquests
Where dreams, once danced, now, stray nightmares
In the, pilgrimage of, passion’s quests
Every path, is paved with, blood and tears!

In a liaison, of, unequal terms
You couldn’t, care less, I gave it, my all
Your dispassion, still, reaffirms
I’m a graffiti, fading, on your wall!

Love’s throbbing, made of, flesh and gore
Last longing, litany, of Mozart
Love ain’t, beyond, sin’s metaphor
In The, Fertile Wasteland, Of My Heart!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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