Take Back My Thoughts Of You From Me

Crestfallen leaves, of a, lasting fall
Which shroud, the forlorn, moorland’s soul
Beyond musings, of a, fond recall
Your profound pain, is worth, love’s toll!

My myth, lost to, your ruthless truth
“Love lasts, no more, than its, age in years”
There stands, all alone, tomb of, my ruth
Where we, once devoured, Wordworths, Shakespeares…!

Your wasteland, now, was once, my fief
Where cuckoo, coos a, somber song
My heart, ain’t mine, beyond my belief
Whose love, was it, who does, it belong!

I’m a rosary, entrapped in, my thread
By the mutiny, of my, litany
Lest your pain, tear me down, shred by shred
Take Back, My Thoughts, Of You, From Me!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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