A Suicide On A Christmas Night

Whilst I stand, by my hedge, bare to, the bone
Sways the cradle, of His, Nativity
Between, His crucifix, and my tombstone
Lingers, enigma, of sacrosanctity!

As the, world avows “Our Lord is Real, who was, Born Today”
I gaze, as the faith’s, fiestas grow
Minus me, this time, seems a, vain melee
No faith, I owe, since no fear, I know!

Behind closed doors, carols whisper, don’t scream
“Lest you, leave Lord’s Love, in the City, of Joy!”
From the prison, of my faith, dare my soul, I redeem
“Hallelujah, Hallelujah, …, Achilles too lost Troy”!

Santa strays, on stony streets, dragging, bag of banalities
As, I shoot my heart, to my, soul’s delight
Vanquishes, Faith of Fear, Fear of God, Achilles
In A Suicide, On A, Christmas Night!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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