The Chinese Souls In Yankee Skins

Where broke, the last leg, of silk route
There stands, alone, ethnic milestone
In remembrance, of a, Communist root
For a dream, today, bare to, the bone!

Their names, became, history’s half-done relics
-Lius, -Chens, -Yangs, -Huangs, -Zhaos, -Zhous and -Wus
Vagabonds, became, “Pilgrims of Polemics”
Half Christians, twirling, in tutus!

Communism’s children, democracy’s, orphans
Bear the, cross of, racial estrangement
Baptized now, “Smuggled Shenanigans!!!”
Thanks to, the germ, that China sent,
Their life, became a, sacrament!

Pan-Face, Ching Chong, Chinkies, Slitty-Eyes …
Sound like, kicked around, thru streets, empty tins
Linger thru, Occidental truths, Oriental lies
The Chinese Souls, In, Yankee Skins!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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