Why Men Love War !!!

The day, He broke, Her umbilical ties
And an enigma, called “Man”, became
He learnt, true price, of sacrifice
Is the, smoldering soul, by a, martyr’s flame!

Heroes ain’t, real, unless, baptized
With the, battle’s dust, and the, enemy’s gore
In the, shrouds-of-flags, who are eulogized:
“Manhood is, martyrdom’s, metaphor”!

Does time, redefine, passion’s fury!
From boys’ war-games, to, men’s blood-bath
“Whose chivalry, is, whose savagery?”
Ask the mothers, who bear, its aftermath!

Amidst tombs, of faith, in the farms, of fear
In, dead bull’s blood, wallows, a dying matador
Cross of, Pride’s Prejudice, is an, honor’s badge, to bear
If not for, vain l’amour, Why Men, Love War !!!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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