Digital Chaos, Our Only Creed !

Much before, ethos, devours, a thought
It lay scattered, all thru, Digital ducts
Shredded, in the veins, of a juggernaut
For whom, humans are, just products!

Lo and behold! Our Silicon Sin!
Why we, groomed minion, to a Messiah!
To be, pawn of, once our, Digital jinn
On Digital highway, we a, lost pariah!

e-love, e-hate, invent, Digital tryst
Where propaganda, is, e-faiths, e-fears
Our newfound, Gods, are e-alchemists
In e-dreams’ façades, who sell nightmares!

Ain’t we clones, of a, stereotyped code!
One of, myriad feet, of an e-millipede
All drifting, down, an endless e-road
Is Digital Chaos, Our Only Creed !!!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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