I Refused To Be A Mime Of Time

From cradle’s, faith, to funeral’s, fear
Strewn pilgrimage, of my, senescence
Thru the rites, of life, whose cross, I bear
Is life, Lord’s word, or, Time’s sentence!

Who gave, me birth, baptized, my name
And set me, rolling, on that way
Where a, forlorn milestone, I became
Chasing my dreams, in the, world’s melee!

I heard, whose knell, from this spell, to that spell
Whilst I, spent myself, irretrievably
Between, household’s tolls, debts to, job cartel
I lived, life’s lies, like truth’s rhapsody!

What’s left, of me – soul’s sovereignty!
Beyond, Live-Life-By-Clock’s, paradigm
I gave up, world’s cypher, for my infinity
Since I Refused, To Be A, Mime Of Time

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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