My Broken Bridge To Her Heart

Beyond birth’s, aging’s, spent paradigm
Never ever, ends, pain’s pilgrimage
A fond remembrance, Is the faith, of time
In inertia, of her love, I forgot, to age!

Built o’er, tides of, faith and fear
For a hope, that never, heaved in sight
With the, cross of love, I learnt, to bear
Pain’s sacrament, love’s, lasting rite!

She baptized, me a, “Reckless Alchemist”
Yet I, could not agree, more with her
Who else, would revel, an estranged tryst
Than a, conjurer’s, love conjecture!

The lane, to pain, never ends, in bliss
Like a rhapsody, torn, worlds apart
Love’s measured, by its, pain’s abyss
My Broken Bridge, To Her Heart!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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