How Long Shall Oil Stain Islam !!!

In this, faith and, fortune’s enigma
Whose bane, or boon, spurts out, of the earth
Beyond ummah,sharia, jihad’s fatwa
Economics is all, that now, has worth!

Who toiled camels, thru, smoldering sand
Now trade, black gold, with the, modern age
Crude bounty, blooms in, hope’s wasteland
And an ,ethos sold, sans, faith’s outrage!

What fuels, the bloodbath, of brotherhood
In Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iran…
Now stands, there tomb, of faith, where stood
Poised, pride, prejudice, of a, unified clan!

They’d never, dissolve, how hard, you try
New oil-nomics; fossilized faith’s, psalm
May the Mecca’s, black milk, ever dry
How Long Shall Oil Stain Islam!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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