If You Ever Love A Maltese Dame

Whom façades, don’t hide, nor faces reveal
The selves, who are, born enigmas
I’m tangled, in her, sinful appeal
Since she, became, my hourglass!

Insane are men, so, so am I
Who make faith, of one’s, caring thoughts
She cradles me, with a, lullaby
In my dreams, of her, forget-me-nots!

She won’t dress, as I, wish from her
Nor serve, with lips, a kiss, or smile
For, she thinks, love is, a ‘male-factor’
And I do, believe in her, prudent guile!

She sips, moon of, the Mediterranean
Ever since, my mermaid, she became
Be a bard, who bathes in, tears of sun
If You Ever, Love A, Maltese Dame!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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