When We Become, Soil, Air, Rain, And Sun

Rainbow, that grew, from the fist, of a child
With the, sublime sin, of petrichor
That beauty’s awe, which once, beguiled
Is now, no more, than a, lost metaphor!

Life ages flesh, heart, mind and soul
Time is, that eternal, alchemist
A new, suave substance, seems to, make us whole
Until, we reach, that final tryst!

Dare we, distance from, our Maker’s law
When that rainbow, looks like, a distant dream
Forgetfulness is, senescence’s flaw
Until a soul, is left, to redeem!

When we, yearn to, return to elements
Life dares, to defy, death’s dimension
A beginning’s truth, end’s myth invents
When We Become, Soil, Air, Rain And Sun!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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