We Are The Puppets Of Our Time

All beats, of hearts, tuned to, one toll
That last dimension, of our, lives
Amid moments earnt, lost out, on the dole
Permanence is, the myth, that alone survives!

Who intrigues, inertia of, our deeds
With mystic, yarns of, diligence
In the, reins of whom, play-act our creeds
Thru the, pilgrimage, of senescence!

From morning’s hope, to day’s despair
To twilight’s throb, and night’s, nerviness
We are, entangled, everywhere
In the maze, of looming, fear’s finesse!

Between Big Bang, and life’s, lasting spell
Lay the, wee history, of the, human mime
From cradle’s cries, to gentle, death knell
We Are, The Puppets, Of Our Time!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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