Christmas Funeral

Clinching on to that moment scarred
Oh! The slithering sighs, of that fateful day
Will never buy a Christmas card
For it ceased to be a child’s play

Oh! The million glitters of Christmas lights
So blinding is this carnival
He lay in rest for lasting rites
To weigh his soul, my ‘be-all and end-all’

He was my Christmas everyday
His babbles, my carols; his smile, my light
Oh! His touch, the warmth, for my kiln of clay
Now a scattered rainbow, out of sight

As I read each festive face around
A sting erupts from my soul unheard
By those in happy hunting ground
Oh! Why should they mourn my heart interred?

Oh Jesus! See the irony
That befell a splintered father’s heart
Who made your Christmas my yearning spree!
Now lay in snow, unquenched bliss, torn apart

Many Christmases came, won’t stop to come
With Poinsettia, Christmas Rose all abloom
My Christmas cactus, will outlive my glum
Oh! My Christmas funeral, on the boom!

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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