God Plays on Fear!

Why sinner is that man who seeks?
The call of heart, the mutineer!
Who doles out soul, its riotous shrieks?
Forbidden streaks! God plays on fear!

Would one less mean, so much to Him?
His kingdom won’t crumble, oh dear!
Whose diktat, is to sink or swim
Overwhelming whim! God plays on fear!

Enslaved a man, to his own phantasm
Baptized to die, with His holy smear
A soul and heart, and abysmal chasm
Torn far apart! God plays on fear!

Schooled since ever, you ain’t human
If God is not, your chase austere
Your creed ain’t true, if it doesn’t chasten
Your dreads undone! God plays on fear!

The Promised Land, is heaven, for those
Who follow fright, like a coy chevalier?
As quietus nears, this dogma grows
That faith bestows! God plays on fear!

The one who lived creedless, Godless!
And died in arms of rapture bare
Made and left his lasting largesse
Let the God not bless! God plays on fear!

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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