Life Hurts!

All meanings but a meaning true
Why life has to be a subtle untruth?
Relentless, how histories construe
The vain chase of a dying youth

Be left behind, lasting destiny!
A man summarized ruthlessly
From birth to death, a felony
Why life revels a heresy?

Walk endlessly on splintered knees
And kiss goodbye to every dream
Why carry tomb of unheard pleas?
And call it ‘life – off the beam”

What made me what I am today?
Yes destiny, that unkind whore!
Why chose then me, this life astray?
A poker-faced paramour!

Both spent to death and yet unfulfilled
Me, kins of mine, in rites of life
How many heartfuls of miseries spilled?
Is life’s ritual, a binding strife?

Why pushing on, till the end of time?
Why gulping down, the venom it spurts?
And breathe brazenly, a sin sublime!
Why call it living, a life that hurts?

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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