When Liz Truss Struts

Lest, you forget, that Antoinette
This lady, more than, resurrects
That, to reign, is to, play, Russian roulette
With your, hopeless, helpless, glum subjects!

For UK, funeral is, every day
Its ethos, burns, on a, tall pyre
Lit, by Liz, in her, political play
With the, sin of, sin-ister satire!

Ignorance+Insolence, makes, her equation, of sense, complete
Economic plight, of the, nation means
Tax is, the bread, that, masses eat
Along with, the butter, of, Liz-doctrines!

Will Britain, survive, this b(Liz)kreig
Atop, quicksand of, ifs and buts
She spurs, an air of, vile intrigue
When, Liz Truss, Struts!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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