For A Fistful Of Existence

With a vote, my tryst, begins and ends
With the, sacrament, of democracy
Who pays, who spends, ethnic dividends
In this game, of, hideous hypocrisy!

Where, I fit in, social stratum
I don’t know, would I, ever find
1 more, cipher, in the, national sum
To a, budgeted bread, is my, life, entwined!

In this pilgrimage, of, spent outrage
Delusional, is, every dimension
I am, the mob, who learns, to age
Fearing glory, faith in, oblivion!

Am, I not, aftermath, of them
Whose decrees, doom my, common sense
And politics, that, mortal mayhem
Which renders, me to, inconsequence!
For A, Fistful, Of Existence!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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