Since I Became My God To Me

Faith means, no more, a fear, to bear
Hope’s litany, counts, no rosary
Creed seems, like a, social conjecture
No more, Maker, my misery!

Freedom, has found, new dimension
Since I, chose to be, no more, His slave
Self-faith, is my, newfound religion
My delusional, redemption, gave!

O’er, broken shrine, of, my myth, divine
I am, the tomb, of my, sin sublime
Who towers tall, with his, newfound spine
Daring, every, paradigm, of time!

Out of, the mob of, woeful world
I ain’t, tethered to, destiny
I chose, to be, shepherd, not, the herd
Since, I Became, My God, To Me!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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