One Amidst The Placid Pines

In the farm, of faith, love, harvests, bliss
How blessed, is this, wilderness
Fills mystique, in my, heart’s abyss
Estranges me, when, this recess!

The rosin, bleeding, from their hearts
Is the, cure-all, of my, wounded soul
The, joie de vivre, its scent, imparts
Redeems me, from, my pigeonhole!

When zephyrs, nudge, their needled leaves
It stirs, a profound note, in me
For the, sweetest songs, love’s, passion, weaves
From the threads, of life’s, broken rosary!

I live, nirvana, every day
Undaunted, like their, steely spines
Unbroken spirit, I too, sway
One, Amidst, The Placid Pines!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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