A Lonely Pilgrim In The Sky

What was, to be, a wee voyage
Of, human ethos’s, wanderlust
Turned out, to be, a pilgrimage
Of, endless pursuit, of stardust!

In nothingness, of, cold cosmos
Who’d left, for fistful, of glory
“There ain’t, any limits, that, we can’t cross”
Proved, the doyen, of our discovery!

Someone, has to, one day, embark
On an, endless quest, of cognizance
On an, unknown path, ever, so dark
Defeating fear, faith’s, forbearance!

A stray dream, flies so, far away
To redeem, us all, before we die
Thru darkness, one who, finds its way
To be martyred, in, cosmic melee
A Lonely Pilgrim, In, The Sky!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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