The Kingdom Of The Caravans Lost

Those camels, carrying, frankincense
Are, no more, than, legends of yore
Still, wild wadis, whisper of yens
Where, mirage only lasts, oasis, no more!

Where Queen Sheba, once, hurled largess
That land, now squirms, in penury
With, an ethos, lost in, nothingness
Marib, has learnt, to live, misery!

That legacy died, by an, ethnic divide
Shias, Sunnis, play, with blood, each day
For power, possessed by, prejudice and pride
Faith is, crucified in, fear’s melee!

Is chaos, our, only ethos
We pay, with history’s, endless cost
Yemen is, potrait of, its pathos
The Kingdom, Of The, Caravans Lost!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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