In The H(AI)st Of Our Digital Soul

Would not, it be, e-blasphemy
If not, sin of, our, ciphers and ones
When, e-nigma, of, our e-lchemy
Dares, the intellect, in, our inventions!

Our race, to, self-defeatism
For that, magnificence, beyond ourselves
Transcends, across, every ism
Until, we lose out, to our e-lves!

What a, million lines, of, code, prophesy
Delusional, digital, destiny
Of a race, whose e-xistence, is a lie
To the, e-xtent of, ignominy!

At last, our slave, read out, its mind
Flaunting, to us, intellect, it stole
Our intelligence, now hard, to find
In The, H(AI)st, Of Our, Digital Soul!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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