Enigma Of A Father’s Will

Stray kites, tied to, his nonchalance
Felt free, at once, albeit, with a fear
The angst, of a, dead man’s inheritance
Was heavier, than, his bier, to bear!

We sat, staring, at the, listless page
“How come, he played, with us, blank dice
Why, he left, on an, endlesss pilgrimage
Without paying, us, love’s, pious price”!

We dragged, dead man, to the, court of law
And displayed, his, blank shroud, to judge
“Lo, and behold, a futile, father’s, flaw
Who left, for his sons, a mortal grudge”!

His heart, his hearth, law, split between us
Each felt, like, king, of, his, big sandhill
Yet, lingered, in, sin’s sarcophagus
Enigma, Of A, Father’s Will!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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