That Very Long … Last Furlong …

No one, but nothing, heaves in sight
An endless, slog, to the, other end
Where cipher, seems, more infinite
There, rules of time, and, distance bend!

They had, to leave, whom, I called kin
Who waits, to watch, an old man, die
My faith, was a fear, my life, was, a sin
My only truth, cannot, be a lie!

I am done, with, pilgrimage, of age
How many yards, from, cradle to grave
Every beat, and breath, of, my outrage
Measures pain, that lingering, life’s bane, gave!

Who wanted, to be, immortal?
With a heart, to bleed, and a soul, to long
Thru wasteland, my life’s, last battle
That, Very Long… Last Furlong … !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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