Where We Left Time And Time Left Us

So long, we live, as legacies, last
Fading reminiscence, of, existence
More than, this present, we belong, to that past
Alas, that’s lost, to, time’s distance!

A sick, old soul, turns back, to sigh
At broken, trails of, strewn moments
Without rosary, wails a, worn Rabbi
With, faith’s sins, and, fear’s sacraments!

My shadow, turned out, to be me, dark truth, of time
How stark, is, thy rhapsody, pain’s passing paradigm
In the, cul-de-sac of, past, never dies
A hope, of redemption, from our lies!

At the crossroads, of, time’s trinity
Whose élan, avows, “I am, invictus!”
There lay, in dust, our divinity
Where We, Left Time, And, Time Left Us!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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