Lest We Forget That “Napalm Girl”

Time tried, to heal, yet bleeds, that scar
That US, left on, world’s ethos
The lasting pain, of the, Vietnam War
And the beginning, of, age of pathos!

“JFK ain’t saint!”, he proved, it true
By blitzing, Vietnam, with bane, of death
Which melted, flesh, and bones, to a stew
Whilst, life pleaded, for every breath!

American’s faith, lost to, Communist Fear
Was, such fragile, their democracy
That shredded, a nation, tear by tear
To prove, their, ‘civilized’ lunacy!

She ran, stark, smoldering, on our souls
As Americans, did, unfurl, unfurl, …
Hegemony’s flag, at the cost, of our tolls
Lest We, Forget, That “Napalm Girl”

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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