Little Riots Make My Day

I raise, my head, like a, mystic orb
In a ritual, wherein, two worlds tryst
Every mayhem, is worth, to absorb
For the, livelihood, of an Alchemist!

One in, a herd, of platitudes
In a war, of, pseudo-intellect
There, dogged dramas, lead to, feuds
Where, faith, fear, prejudice intersect!

What squirms, beneath skin, is that sin
That yearns, to be, my solemn deed
In enigma, of, my origin
I find, my life’s, seditious seed!

Every moment, of, 24 hours
I resent, sacrament, of melee
In the myth of my little universe
Little Riots, Make, My Day!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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