What Whispers Water In The Wood

A riot, baptized, moor with bliss
When a torrent, burst out, of earth’s womb
From the, darkest depths, of love’s abyss
To drench, a wasteland, with aplomb!

Life flourished, like, a fiesta
From the, stray seeds, of oblivion
Lo and behold, this, vivid vista
Faith’s flair, in, fortitude’s dimension!

Who begot, this, panacea, to our abode
Stray stone, on, solar pilgrimage
Those eons, still echo, an endless ode
To life’s legacy, beyond, end’s age!

A lasting sang-froid, of, love’s dream
Keeps, immortal, beauty’s childhood
“What is, unseen, is, what we redeem”
What Whispers, Water, In The Wood!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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