Between Earthly Faith And Cosmic Fear

Where stood, the darkness, of cosmos
Now a quest, devours, that mystique’s heart
In this, conquest of, human ethos
Who’ll win, who’ll lose, two worlds apart!

“Ain’t WE, the only, lonely race!”
Evolution, raged, with resentment
Was it, more an, instinctive chase
Beyond, OUR scientific, sacrament!

“Let US, be found, or, let’s find THEM
To be, one, in the, ‘Cosmic Clan’”
“What if, it, leads us, to mayhem
Lest, THEY seize, OUR, ‘Earthly Caravan’!

OUR poise, in OUR, intellectual pride
Will steer, US, to, which frontier
To be, glorified, or crucified
Between, Earthly Faith, And, Cosmic Fear!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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