When Biden Goe$ For Blood-$hopping

Billion bill$, for, million gallon$
I$ the, new rate, of, Henchman, Zelensky
For gore, of, Ukraine’$ battalion$
$pilled, in, vile war, of, U$ vanity!

Blood$hed, be$t, baptize$, that pride
Men value, more than, human pain
$ince Ru$$ia’$, or, Ukraine’$ $on$, died
Biden celebrate$, hi$. $atanic reign/gain!

In thi$, bu$ine$$ of, politic$, and hate
What matter$, i$, who$e blood, is lo$t
Biden ha$, bought a, war, $urrogate
At Ru$$ian, bleeding, brotherhood’$ co$t!

War$ wa$te, e$$ence of, exi$tence
Relentle$$ly, without, $topping
In$olence, buy$ life, every pence
When Biden, Goe$ For, Blood-$hopping!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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