O’er Smoldering Land Under Melting Sky

In rubble, which relic, I search, in vain
That cornerstone, whom heart, called hearth
Where dreams, dwelt once, nightmares remain
Sepulcher seems, cradle, of my birth!

Those streets, and parks, where, our dreams played
Hate’s, haunting holocaust, hangs in air
Political prejudice, in, pride’s masquerade
Shredded, threadbare, lay strewn, everywhere!

These wars, will wage, until, men last
Let hope, learn to, live with, despair
Why, bad-blood be, legacy, of the past
To farm, our fief, of faith, with fear!

Baptized, by sin, squirms, trinity
When Satan, crucifies, divinity

Land lives, on flesh, miasma, and gore
Ethos, learns to die, hearing, Satan’s lullaby
Life lost, once more, to war’s matador
O’er, Smoldering Land, Under, Melting Sky!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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