Enigma Of Ingenuity

A surrogate bird, who chirps, on neighbor’s tree
I lure her, to my, window-sill, with, glory’s song
A disgraced, mind’s, graceful legacy
The lone milestone, in a, pilgrimage, very long!

With a, self-belief, poised with, self-doubt
This blind quest, to the, unknown land
Is, as good, as truth, of, your thought
As bad as, lasting myth, on sand!

Wasn’t better, to be, in that herd
Without, this torment, to invent
I’m the graffiti, as well, as lizard
Squirming on, my spent, sacrament!

How callous, is, alchemy’s gambit
It burns, the hand, that nurtures it!

The pilgrimage, ended, deep within
In my, cipher, not that, infinity
I owe, to world, my cherished sin
Enigma, Of, Ingenuity!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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