Who Fall In Love With Their Façades

Between faith, in spring, and the fear, of fall
Lay, the enigma, of, senescence
Where ends, pilgrimage of, a fond recall
Beauty, finds, its, new existence!

Is it, lasting league, of the, narcissists
Or the,death-defiant, lingering herd
Whose vow, of, permanence, persists
Beyond, the truth, of a, myth absurd!!

They like, to be, world’s centerspread
With their, bare and brazen, banality
And sleep, whole life, on a, wrinkled bed
In the tomb, of their, rationaliy!

Ever smolders, their, defiance, in dust
Who play, to death, their life’s, charades
Do they last, beyond their, mortal lust
Who Fall, In Love, With, Their Façades!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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