Where Life Lingers In Streets Azure

I peep, thru window, of my dream
My forlorn, shadow, passing by
A cherished fear, is all, I redeem
From fests, of faith, in the, city of joy!

Here, rainbow rises, every day
Albeit, in, only, starkest shade
For some, it mirrors, mind’s melee
For others, love, in heaven, made!

Hope, walks despair, from, end to end
To the funeral, of yet, one more bard
Souls, of urchins, where, garffitis spend
I wait, for my fate, in pain’s boulevard!

Since melancholia, my faith, became
In bazaar, of agony, and amour
I am, the darkness, of my flame
Where, Life Lingers, In, Streets Azure!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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