… Beyond ‘Fiction’ And Its Conviction

Your, brittle truth, is a, dismal myth
In a, Political Gambler’s, opinion
Who dares, to wipe out, megalith
Of a, lasting past, to oblivion!

“This Republic, is, Lenin’s gimmick
Lingering bloomer, of, Gorbachev”
Putin writes, with blood, Russian epic
Whose mother, is, Moscow not Kiev!

Ain’t it, too late, to maneuver history!
Indeed, for the rest, not, Vladimir Putin
The Alchemist, who changed, chemistry
Of the world, with, Ethno-Political Sin!

Volodymyr, Vladimir, let’s see, who wins
As an, ethos, awaits, its crucifixion
But death, is real, that counts, coffins
… Beyond ‘Fiction’, And, Its Conviction!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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