Deep-Fried Tarantulas

Still, Sinn Sisamouth, sings, on radios
Whilst, squirm in, imported palmolein
Deep, dark relics, of, stark history’s, woes
Cheap proxies, of, Cambodian protein!

Hasn’t , economics, of existence
Wiped out, yet, Pol Pot’s legacy
Still paddies, bleed out, evidence
Of a, tyrant’s, Communist lunacy!

Where a, great state, finds, its lost glory
In the, throes of, ethnic oblivion
Much like, this, arachnid’s, short story
Cambodian, newfound, dimension!

In woks, their smoldering, ethos stinks
Who last, from, day to day, alas
In, self-pity’s misery, Cambodia, sinks
Akin To, Deep-Fried, Tarantulas!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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