The Sum Of All My Yesterdays …

Once, deep outrage, is the, art to age
Those resentments, now, sacraments
Life, was, always, a pilgrimage
Not the, mortal myth, that time invents!

I ain’t, worth, history’s coterie
For, I happened, to be, in that herd
Which follows, like, zealotry
Fear, in the faith, of ‘Shepherd’

Ain’t grave, diviner, than cradle
Where ends, conquest, begins, new quest
After, life’s eternal, funeral
May I, cherish, nirvana’s fest!

Past ain’t, endless, distance away
Not a moment, ever lost from, life’s sweet malaise
I’m a, timeless tomb, of fate’s castaway
The Sum, Of, All My Yesterdays … !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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