Between Eastern Faith And Western Fear

Who, can’t help, but, approximate
World’s ethos, with, inept intellect
In the, dystopia, that, they create
Faith is, no more than, inane object!

Who can’t think, beyond, Christ of Nazareth
For them, other truth, dare not, exists
Who lead, ‘holy herd’, with hate’s shibboleth
Are a breed, between, Nazis, Fascists!

Who theorize, myths, with equations
And chastise, facts, with conjectures
Deify, to death, those, ‘ratiocinations’
Scriptures, controverting, their strictures!

Little-brittle-brained, Trudeau, will never know
Swastik is, nowhere, near, Hitler’s souvenir
Crude Bigotry, ‘evolved’ elitists, sow
Between, Eastern Faith, And, Western Fear!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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